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In the almost twenty-three years that I have been around Filipinos, I have learned many things that make the Filipino culture and Filipinos, the ones I wish to live among for the rest of my life. However, in that same time frame, I have also learned that Filipinos can be no different, or better than anyone else around the world.

What I mean is, there are many people in this world who only want to take advantage of others in any way possible. Quite often, these people do it without regard for the morals and values they have to bypass, in order to achieve their goals. This can and does include Filipinos, just as it can people of any culture on the face of this planet.

In today’s world, many of these scammers are online. Most of the cases work with, concern men (western) meeting women (Filipinas) through your average “meet-a-Filipina dot com” type website. Unfortunately, a good majority of Filipinas, who are members of these sites, are scammers. They are only out for themselves.

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