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Do you feel uncomfortable about something concerning your business or personal relationship with a Filipino? If so, Pointman Cebu can help you obtain peace of mind.

Finding scammers is the primary reason Pointman Cebu began. Over the years, we have helped many clients by providing them with information they needed to determine where they would go in a relationship, business or personal.

Since the vast majority of our cases have involved male foreigners, typically anyway, meeting and becoming involved with Filipinas, that is where our primary focus lies. We provide our clients with "Peace of Mind" reports, to help make them feel at ease concerning chat-mate, girlfriend, fiancée, wife, or a business partner. Sometimes, we have found the person was good. Unfortunately, at other times, we have found the person to be out for one thing... cash, and lots of it.

Pointman Cebu is here to help stop that from happening to others. On this site, our primary service is to provide you, our client, with answers you seek. We can verify whether your relationship holds water, and if your girl is with you for all the right reasons or not.

Since the internet was introduced to the Philippines, only a few short years ago, many girls have learned that they can get money from one, two, or even ten unsuspecting chat mates, often simultaneously. This is why we offer this service, to check out a Filipina whom you may suspect is not being true to you. We feel that everyone deserves to have their conscience at ease. This certainly applies if someone is investing time, energy, and genuine emotions into a relationship, and in trying to get his girl friend or fiancée to his country (which can also cost a bundle of money), in order to start a life with him. Besides, an interview won't cost as much as a plane ticket to the Philippines, certainly not as much as a divorce lawyer will.

You know, some people will e-mail us or post on forums attacking us and what we do here. They come off as holier than thou and believing that I, personally, do not like Filipinos. This is not true. If I didn't like Filipinos, I certainly wouldn't be living in the Philippines and among so many of them. I love being around and accepted by Filipinos, especially those here in this part of the Philippines, because they are the warmest people on the face of this planet.

However, we are also being realistic when we say there are scammers here, just as there are in all countries in the world. We only focus on those in the Philippines because it is our home and where we work to help others. So, please understand one thing about us. It is not our intention to make you feel paranoid, or to make you think "all" Filipinas are bad, as that is not true. There are many wonderful women in this country, and many of them are the best that you could ever hope to be with.

Please read our Explanation of Fees to gain a better understanding of our charges.

Philippines Province Fees (USD) Service Offered
Biliran $450*

Pointman Cebu, can, on behalf of our clients, secure information on chat-mates, spouses, fiancées, friends, or business partners. 

If you have questions that concern you, we can put your mind at ease. We also locate missing persons, and secure records and documents.


Our rates (listed on the left of this table) are typical quotes which will cover our  typical expenses incurred for interviews. This will include VOIP phone calls with you, and travel costs to the given area or region for your particular case. This will also include a detailed final report, emailed to you after completing your case.


NOTE: In some circumstances, the fees may be somewhat negotiable. Please contact us for details. Also, if we can get to a given location easier than by typical routes, we may drop the rate below the fee listed. Contact us for details.



Cebu (Metro area)


Cebu (Province)








Northern Mindanao


Southern Mindanao








Panay & Guimaras






Additional days billed at $175 / day.

For areas not listed, contact us.


* The quoted prices are specifically for interviews. If you require other services, please contact us.

As is any service which is provided by Pointman Cebu, you the client, are guaranteed the best service available in the Philippines.

If you would like us to do an interview or investigation for you, please contact us at:

 larron (@) pointmancebu (dot) com

Explanation of Fees

In our travels throughout the Philippines, we have learned that it isn't always easy to go where you want, when you want. This usually applies to the more rural areas of the provinces, rather than the larger towns or cities in the Philippines.

On occasion, we may be delayed due to the lack of transportation to carry us onward to our final destination. When we get into very rural parts of the country, transportation schedules are not as frequent, nor as reliable as they would be in the more populated areas. Weather is another factor, which may cause us to be delayed. This is especially true this year, as it seems as though rainy season will never end!

Additionally, once we have completed the interview (or other service) for you, we may not be able to return to Cebu by a specific day. This may be due to limited boat or plane schedules. So, we take this into consideration when setting our quoted prices. However, you can rest assured that Pointman Cebu will take care of any service you have enlisted us to do, on your behalf.


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