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Perhaps the title should have been, “How Not To Meet Filipinas”. You know, the longer I live here, the more I learn about Filipino-foreigner relationships. Unfortunately, and all too often, we see where the “bad” relationships start. Primarily, it’s on the internet, with bargirls running a close second (another story for another day). In my personal opinion, I believe the majority of the Filipinas whom guys meet online are bad. That is, they aren’t necessarily a truly bad person in their heart, it’s just that, a Filipina who would normally be a good wife for a Filipino, may have ulterior motives when it comes to hooking up with a foreigner… a “rich” foreigner in her eyes.

When it comes to meeting that “rich foreigner”, they seem to change gears. Once a Filipina has met a guy online and manipulates him (yes, they can quite well actually) into giving her money, gifts, and anything else he may have of value, she knows he is hooked. She professes to him how much she loves him, almost immediately and how she will do anything and everything for him, to see that he is taken care of… for a price of course. She just neglects to tell him the last part of that sentence, which is running through her head.

After all, she knows he can afford anything that she may want, and since he has no idea as to the actual value of material items, or the cost of living in the Philippines, he falls for it, hooks line, and sinker. She can keep him hanging like that for months, and possibly even years, in some cases.

Prior to having our own computer, we could frequently be found at a local internet cafe. Let me tell you, we are in the wrong business! It’s amazing, the number of girls at the internet cafe’s around this country who are literally milking guys (foreigners) out of money. I would hate to guess at the amounts those guys are sending to Filipinas each month.

Unfortunately, many foreigners fail to realize a very important thing about this culture. That is, the Filipina they are talking to (this can apply to good Filipinas as well), no matter how involved they believe the girl is with them, does not feel as though she has any devotion to him until he comes here and puts a ring on her finger. What I mean is, she could be talking to ten guys online. But, the first one to ask her to marry him and gets there first, is “the” guy she will be with. So, you could be sending her all the money in the world, thinking you and she has a future together. But, if one of the “other” guys she is communicating with gets here first… buddy you are out of the picture, and out of luck. In addition, think of the money you have sent to her, all of which is now down the toilet.

So, my advice to you is this and take it for what it’s worth… do not give a girl whom you have just met online anywhere around the world, money. Period. A Filipina worth her salt will never ask you for one red cent, even if she is in dire straits. I would, however, suggest that you come over, visit the Philippines for a few weeks (you are granted a 21 day stay upon entry into the country without having to buy a visa) and meet some girls here. Filipinas are everywhere, in malls, shopping centers, movie theaters, clothing outlets, restaurants, even walking down the street. You can meet a good one here, quite easily, too. Of course, it is my personal opinion that, if you want to meet the best kind of a girl here, take a trip out to the provincial areas. There, you can generally meet the best ones.

Now, I don’t mean to make all Filipinas sound bad because they aren’t. Make sure you read what I said, above. I stated, “… I believe the majority of the Filipinas whom guys meet online are bad.” I wasn’t saying that all Filipinas are bad, or that all Filipinas online is bad. It is possible to meet a good one online, as I have seen that as well. Unfortunately, it just isn’t nearly as common. Many Filipinas usually can’t afford to be online, often anyway. Typically, it can cost about Php (Philippine Peso) 15 to Php 20 per hour (or more, at some cafe’s) to log online. Additionally, some cafes will charge a bit more for use of a webcam. That is a lot of money in a world where Php 208 is a day’s wage.

Let me give you an excerpt from an e-mail I recently sent to a client, then a reply from him to me. You see, we had made a local flower delivery from this gentleman to his girlfriend. In spending time talking with his girlfriend, we learned something that I simply could not keep from him, as I had known already, through many e-mails with this gentleman, that he had gone through enough, with “bad” women in his life. So, I told him something he would truly appreciate, the truth about his girlfriend:

“Incidentally, the following isn’t information we normally offer to our clients (good or bad) for free, as often it is part of the services that we provide here. However, you seem to be a very nice man and I feel you should know this, as many guys we know, would want to know this as well. (I also know you, like I have gone through this before with a Filipina who wasn’t 100%.) Anyway, without question, you have a very good girl, ********. She is as good-hearted as they come.

There are not that many Filipinas in this country (about 20%, as the other 80% are out for only $$$) that are truly good at heart (that you may meet online), and you have one well within that 20%.” – The e-mail from PMC to our client.

“I thought about asking her if I could have her investigated. Can you believe that? I know she would have said, “Yes definitely”. But, I didn’t mention anything about that. As it turns out, you do investigations also. You guys have not only delivered flowers for me, but you have given me you priceless and valid opinions about her character. It shows me that you not only have accurate judgmental skills, but you both have Big hearts as well, to share this with me. You have made friends for life. That’s what this means to me. It must be very satisfying for you both. You have turned a simple flower delivery into something that is priceless to me. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!

I’m overwhelmed with joy,” – The client’s reply to PMC.

To summarize the above information, even with the high numbers of scamming Filipinas online, I still have much more faith in the loyalty, devotion, honesty, and integrity of a Filipina, than I ever will have in western women. So, while there are Filipinas who are scammers, there are still many who are as true blue as you can get. I know, as I have met many since living in the Philippines. The gentleman in the e-mail communication above knows this as well.

If you have a girl whom you may feel concerned about, consider having someone check her out prior to sending your life savings to her. I know that may sound cold. However, in today’s world, this is something that is a must, unfortunately. After all, you deserve to know the “truth” before getting too far along in a relationship, don’t you think?

The bottom line here is, please be cautious with those whom you have only just met. Did you ever watch Magnum P. I. years ago? It was a television series in the US. Anyway, Thomas Magnum (played by Tom Selleck) was a freelance private investigator who had the right idea. Trust that little voice that each one of us has inside. Usually, that voice is right on in the feeling it gives you.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance in any matters such as these, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to communicate with you.


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