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At Pointman Cebu, one of the more common services we provide is property and title research for clients all over the Philippines. This service gives real estate clients peace of mind, knowing they will be protected when seeking to purchase a property in the Philippines.

Pointman Cebu does property and title searches, ownership verification, and we verify tax payments have been paid on properties, which our clients may be interested in purchasing.

We make sure the person who is trying to sell our client the land and structure (if this applies), is whom they say they are and that they legally have the right do to so. We will travel to most areas of the Philippines in order to check a property out for a client. In the table below, we have a list of general pricing for given provinces and areas. We have  covered most of the provinces of the Philippines, by listing the areas in this manner. However, if the area you are interested in is not listed, please contact us for a quote.

Please read our Explanation of Fees to gain a better understanding of our charges.

Philippines Province Fees (USD) Service Offered
Biliran $500

We will guarantee our client that we will do a complete and thorough property research, to put his or her mind at ease. We can secure any and all of the following for our client:

We can locate the name of the actual property owner listed on the title. We can secure the date of the last paid taxes, the current assessed and appraised property values, if any utilities are currently connected, and/or if utilities are approved to be connected to the property.

Lastly, we can give the client the basic structural layout and integrity of the building (any structures on the property), as well as some general improvements which may be needed, in order to make a structure livable at the time of the purchase.

Please note, the fees listed are estimates. The actual fees may be higher, but also can be lower, depending on the work we are enlisted to do for the client.

Please feel free to contact us. - PMC

Bohol $500
Cebu (Metro area) $350
Cebu (Province) $400
Leyte $500
Luzon $1600
Masbate $650
Northern Mindanao $800
Southern Mindanao $950
Mindoro $600
Negros $700
Palawan $850
Panay & Guimaras $700
Samar $650
Siquijor $700
For areas not listed

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Here is an example of what we do for our clients, concerning real estate:


From time to time, we are contacted by clients who live abroad, but are interested in purchasing a home or property in the Philippines. Below is a photo which was sent to us by a client, who had been offered to purchase a small home in Sibulan, Negros Oriental.

Click to view a larger image

House in Sibulan, Negros Oriental.

The person offering the property came off as the owner wishing to sell it to him. The amount they were asking for was $11,000 USD. While that doesn't seem like a lot of money, in western terms anyway, read on before making such quick assumptions. Fortunately, the gentleman took time to find someone who could verify information for him, prior to making the purchase. He enlisted us, and this is what we found:

1. The home didn't look exactly as it was shown to him in the photo. In fact, it was in serious need of repair, unlike the way it appeared in the original photo, above.

Below are five images of the home, as we saw it on the day we visited the property.


Click to view larger images

Image stills from a video shot by Jim Sibbick

Please forgive the quality of the images, as they were stills captured

from a video we took for the client. The video was sent to the client as

proof, along with copies of the taxes and other public documents.

2. The owner told our client that the home had water lines inside, and running water in the house. They neglected to tell him that you had to pump it by hand and take it inside with a bucket. Oh, no, there were no water lines in the house and the toilet was Filipino style.

3. Upon doing further research on the property, we discovered the following:

  • The person attempting to sell our client the home, had no connection with the property or the home, as the owner. In fact, his/her name wasn't anywhere on any paperwork regarding the property. 

  • Two completely different people were listed on the property. One was listed as the home owner; the other was the owner of the land.

  • In this case, and after carefully looking over the entire residence, it would be cheaper and easier to simply demolish that home and build a new one on the property, if you could get all the paperwork to match.

So, buyer beware, when purchasing property or a home in the Philippines. There are many wonderful people here. But, there are some who are not. Make sure, 100% sure, that you are covered when it comes to purchasing real estate here.

If you would like for us to research a particular property for you, please contact us at:

 larron (@) pointmancebu (dot) com

Explanation of Fees

In our travels throughout the Philippines, we have learned that it isn't always easy to go where you want, when you want. This usually applies to the more rural areas of the provinces, rather than the larger towns or cities in the Philippines.

On occasion, we may be delayed due to the lack of transportation to carry us onward to our final destination. When we get into very rural parts of the country, transportation schedules are not as frequent, nor as reliable as they would be in the more populated areas. Weather is another factor, which may cause us to be delayed. This is especially true this year, as it seems as though rainy season will never end!

Also, once we have completed our property research, we may not be able to return to Cebu on a specific day due to limited boat or plane schedules. So, we take this into consideration when setting our prices. However, you can rest assured that Pointman Cebu will secure a guaranteed report for you, helping you make the decisions you need regarding the purchase of property.


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