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Pointman Cebu has been assisting clients from other countries, continuously since 2004. We have served clients from the USA, England, Australia, Canada, and other countries.


One of the services we offer our clients, is process serving. We can serve almost any legal or tax document you are in need of, throughout the Philippines.


If you are in need of this service, our first piece of advice, is for you to locate and secure a lawyer / solicitor in your resident state, province, territory, or local area. This is very important, because we must serve the documents in accordance to the local laws governing your location.


In the US, for example, each state will have specific, yet different requirements you must meet prior to serving documents on a defendant / respondent within the Philippines. So, you would be required to follow the local laws and regulations regarding divorce in your specific state, prior to retaining our services.


After securing a lawyer, contact us for assistance.


Our requirements, in order to make your case flow more smoothly, is to have you, your paralegal, or your attorney, email all necessary documents to us.


Additional requirements we have of our clients, is to provide us with the location of the respondent, including his / her full name, and the complete address, or, as much of it is possible, including the barangay, city, town, or municipality in which the respondent resides. (If we are enlisted to have to locate and serve the respondent, we do charge an extra fee for this.) A fairly recent photo and other contact information on the respondent would be helpful, as well.


If you will include, at minimum, the city and province of the respondant in your initial email, we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate, faster. Please keep in mind, we serve the entire country of the Philippines.


The last part of our requirements is payment. We only accept payment in full, prior to serving any documents in the Philippines. The primary way for us to receive funds is through PayPal online payment service. Contact us regarding other forms of payment.


If you would like further information regarding the service of divorce, tax, or other legal documents in the Philippines, please contact us at the following address:


info (@) pointmancebu (dot) com



As is any service which is provided by Pointman Cebu, you, the client, are guaranteed the best service available in the Philippines. We are the original and only, Pointman Cebu.


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