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We offer full service US visa processing for fiancée (K1) and spousal (I-130 and K3) applicants, as well as immediate relative petitions (CR-1 and IR1) and tourist visa assistance.

Most of the delays and denials of spousal and fiancée visa applicants are the result of one or more errors in paperwork and/or lack of all requirements being met. Once a petition is filed for a spousal or fiancé visa applicant, most of the burden is placed on the overseas applicant. In many instances, the applicants are confused and at a loss as to what is expected of them, and exactly what they need to do to complete the process. There are requirements one must meet from both countries, and there is little help available from the respective government agencies.

We operate differently than most US based companies offering visa services. For one thing, we are right here in the Philippines, to assist the applicant from start to finish in their native language. We do this all the time, and stay abreast of the many frequent changes in the process. We like to meet our clients face to face in order to provide a more “personalized” service, and often travel to other parts of the Philippines to meet them. We have remained friends with many of our past visa clients. We can arrange for someone to meet the applicant at the Manila airport when going for medical exam and interview, and escort them through the maze that is Manila, which can be very intimidating for many girls who have travelled little outside their own barangay. We conduct “mock interviews” of the recipient, to prepare her for the sometimes grueling visa interview.


All this for a fraction of what US based immigration attorneys charge.


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